12 Month Transformation

12 Month Transformation

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Discover your inner wisdom around food, movement and self-care

This Intuitive Wellness Coaching package includes:

  • 24 separate 60-minute sessions, scheduled every other week for 12 months (offered via phone/zoom)
  • deep diving into discovering your dharma/purpose
  • goal setting + creating a plan to accomplish them
  • creating a space within your home you love
  • discover your learning type
  •  intuitive + mindful eating habits with RECIPES!
  • pantry makeover
  • holistic habits to heal your body from the inside out
  • building body positivity + confidence
  • clean ingredient and chemical knowledge
  • targeted supplement suggestions
  • how-to guide on achieving attainable and long-lasting wellness goals
  • discover the type of movement your body needs + creating a plan to execute
  • creating the mind to body connection
  • learn how to honor your emotions through spiritual support
  • custom protocols designed for your specific needs
  • breaking down potential barriers that may be holding you back
  • guided meditations with each session
  • monthly mindfulness techniques + breath work tailored to help you achieve your goals
  • balance your circadian rhythm
  • creating self-care routine through morning + evening rituals
  • incorporating essential oils into your life for optimal success + a personalized essential oil blend
  • discovering your creative outlet
  • read your birth chart + discover your personality type
  • money management
  • encouragement + accountability through education + mentorship
  • journaling prompts to reinforce reflection, self-care and manifestation
  • self-monitoring tools to keep you on track throughout the coaching process
  • monthly guides, manuals and books
  • on-going coaching support via email, text or phone  


Holistic practices to live a balanced yet, sustainable intuitive and compassionate life