Conscious Living

A conscious life is a deliberate and well thought-out life. When you make choices, you should be bringing awareness to all the different areas life offers. It’s about listening to yourself first and making choices second. It’s asking yourself why you are doing what you are doing, as well as looking at the reasons behind the actions you take. It’s not wandering adrift in the stream of life, but rather taking purposeful and intentional action. 

When there’s an absence, we tend live our lives out of conditioned habits and impulses — which may or may not serve our highest potential. There is truly so much to pay attention to in life so it may become easy to start functioning on auto-pilot or acting without thinking first. Our minds are set up to help us multi-task this world. Unfortunately, whenever we are stuck in that auto-pilot state, we are not consciously directing our lives. 

Conscious living is a skill, a true art form. It is not something you do once, but rather a habit that you can put into place for the rest of your life. It’s not easy to change our lives - to break out of our routines, to begin to live the lives we truly want. It takes willful effort, energy and constant vigilance to think about all of our choices. If we consciously evaluate each area of life though, such as our health, finances or relationships than the opportunities for a fulfilled life are truly endless. 

One of my goals is to help make conscious living a simple habit of mind. When you live a conscious life, you’re more likely to live a life full of happiness and utter joy. It means you’re actively evaluating your activities, decisions and options - thinking about everything that you do. You’re making deliberate choices based on your values and your truth, rather than doing things without intention.

The more consciousness one brings to any aspect of life, the greater power there is. Power to make a positive change or influence an outcome. Power to experience a deeper level of fulfillment and joy. Power to be more authentically expressive. Power to create and choose.

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